my mom might have cancer

It's so hard because the doctors won't know till they open her up. It's thought to be liomyosarcoma a very rare cancer. They told her at this point if it is cancer they think she will have a 50% chance of survival for 5 years. After that they don't know. It's in her uterus so no matter what the growth really is they have to do a hysterectomy. It's so hard to be positive, but I have to be. She doesn't know if she can keep her housekeeping buisness, she's struggling as it is and the busy season is coming and she will be out of service for at least 8 weeks after this surgery. Of course I'm going up to Tahoe to help her but, I also have Seth and it will be a struggle. I can seem e now pumping while scrubbing a bath tub. Oh joy!
Shes already in debt so she's gonna have to file bankruptcy and come here to live with us probably indefinitely. OMG I can't imagine living here with 3 dogs and a cat and my son and everything. The yard is too small for my dog as it is.
This is like so detrimental. But I love my mommy, and I can't imagine life with out her. She's too young. Please pray or send good vibes out there for my family. :(

my mom might have cancer
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