Is this true in your oppion?!?

In mine why yes! It couldn't be any more true!! I came across this yesterday after my youngest son found a baby bird that had fell outta it's nest and was playing with it (he's 3) at first glance I panic for 2 reasons birds carry lice and I thought it was dead! After I talked him into putting it down I washed him up (he was upset, "it was friend" ) I went back out to see the poor thing and it was "trying" to hop away!:/ we moved it to another area and let it be.

Is this true in your oppion?!?
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Hello, the name is Mara, but i go by Nikki, I'm a 25 year old SAHM, Married to my high school sweetheart, we've been blessed with 3 beautiful kids, Chloe(6) Michael(4) Myles(2).