What Those Baby Photos On Social Media Can Teach Us About Moms


This is great article about social media, moms, and babies. Moms are able to have their children connect with friends and family on a regular basis, no matter where they live. It's a wonderful tool but it also a big responsibility for us as parents. They did a study that showed mom's consider 4 main things when deciding weather or not to post a photo:

• Content — what the photo shows.
• Audience — who would want to see it?
• Recency — how recently did I share another picture?
• Convenience — how easy is it for me to share right now?

The article also talks about how most of our kids have a digital identity before they're even born thanks to sonogram pictures! I've never thought about it that way. I understand that the photos I post will exist forever, but I didn't think about the fact that I'm essentially creating an online personalty for Avery. How will it match up with her ACTUAL personality later on? At what age will she take over and manage her own digital identity? When she becomes a teenager and starts her own facebook page? Is it fair for me to manage how to world sees her until then?

What do you consider before posting about your kids? Do you think about what sort of image your creating of your child?

    I always tried to think about this when posting on fb when I had one. However I did have a friend who would post pictures of her daughter in the bathtub and stuff along that line. It made me nervous for her. Naked baby pictures are not something that belong on the internet for anyone to see unless they are seriously censored. Like from an angle where you can't see anything at all. Its something to think about. Their are a lot of weirdos out there. And there's a fine line in the eyes of the law also about what they believe is inappropriate to be taking pictures of. All you need is someone to report you and you can find yourself in a world of trouble.
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        Ah... social media :) I post photos of Monroe now and then, but I try to be conscious and I definitely try not to do it too often.. I know some new'ish Moms that I feel like don't know when to stop.. I remember a line from a movie with a Dad talking about how much he loves his kids.. but he reminded his friends that they don't have to love them, they aren't their kids.. that always stuck with me.. I mean I think Monroe is the coolest thing since sliced bread, but it doesn't mean everyone does.. less is more and quantity over quality when it comes to pics!
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