Christmas "Gifts" For Friends? Ideas?

I haven't given a gift to a friend for the Holidays in a long time.. I mean, a "real" gift... Something specific to them... Every year, I DO try to make or find something small and little (inexpensive) and give it to as many people I consider "in my life" as I can... One year we made fudge... Another year I found these super cozy fluffy socks for a $1... Another year, I found some old school throw back Bonne Belle Chapstick (The giant size on a necklace)...

I myself LOVE little gifts like this... I love getting some of course, but not to be cheesy, it's really nice to make that tiny gesture to people that are not only close to me, but those that I adore but may not be "in" my life...

What are some things that you do to give on the Holidays?

A type of cookie? Scarf? Lottery scratcher?

The ideal would be to spend nothing.. but under $20 and covering 20 plus people is fine too...

Lets' here some ideas!!!​

    Amanda Hurley
    I like to go to the dollar store and find candles and picture frames. Those are usually useful.
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