Taught my kids How to Gamble!!!

My kids are 6 1/2 and 9 and I've been waiting for this time to play some real games with my kids.. Finally no more candy land and Chutes and Ladders... We now play Uno, crazy 8's and last night I taught them how to play Blackjack!!!

I love cards and I love to gamble... But the thing I didn't really expect was that they were getting better at math ... without trying...

My 6 year old was adding her cards quickly and accurately and we "bet" M and M's... So, yes there was some inspiration...

There have been so many days where I barely was alert through countless kids games and as much as I've always enjoyed time with my kids, Now that we can play games that I actually enjoy... it's a whole new world...

What are some games that you play with your kids that you don't totally HATE??​

    8Theresa Gould
    I don't hate any of the games we play. I mind the length of RISK and Monopoly but that's usually because I have something else I always feel like I need to be doing instead so I haven't even played those with them lately. I'll work in the same room though and listen to their banter.

    I loved playing Rummy and Cribbage with my grandmother.

    Great idea about cards/games helping kids with their Math skills though. Sometimes I think they learn better in "play" than when it's forced on them, especially those kids who have to "do" and "hear".
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