How to fix a friendship

I think as moms, we get so wrapped up in our lives that we forget about our friends. We know they're important. We still think about them, their families, their lives, but we run out of time every day to make a call or a text or a post that says "Hey dear, just thinking about you."

I have a friend in California that I grew up with. We've known each other since we were 5 years old. Every year when I make my trip back home I let her know what days I'll be there. She empties time during one evening and we always do dinner and a few cocktails. We do more if we can, but at least that much to let each other know that, even at 1,700 miles away , even though we never have time to call, even though most of our conversations are on facebook, we're still an important force in each others lives.

She's pregnant with her first after years of fertility treatments. I so wish I was closer to her especially now. But she knows I'm there, though not physically, and we both know that next year when I visit, we'll still do dinner.. only with babies on our hips... finally.

This article is great because it pinpoints some common issues that may come up now that we're moms. Like our kids not getting along, financial issues between friends, divorce, etc.

Do you agree with how the author says to deal with these issues? Have you been through any yourself?

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      I like this post... I, too, think female friendships are SO important.. your personal story makes my heart really happy actually :) I used to NOT be able to relate to friends that were Moms.. but boy have things changed :) Now I get it if they don't text or call back right away.. or don't for a whole week.. it's hard and time consuming to be a parent.. but it's SO important to make time for friendships.. my best friend and I live about 30 minutes apart.. even though we don't see each other as often as we would like.. we try monthly to hang out, weekly to talk.. and when we need a night out, we make it happen!
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