Kids on Leashes?

Before I was a parent, I thought they were funny... And of course I judged every parent with a child on a leash (harness) and assumed they were bad parents and couldn't control their children... When I became a parent, though I still didn't understand them, I stopped judging...

Aside from a child with any now common issues of control, anxiety, hyper activity, autism, etc... and the harness used as a safety device... I still am on the fence about them.

I have a close friend whose child is just... for lack of a better word, "wild"... We went to a fair with them and she had her 5 year old boy on a teddy bear leash... I love my friend and I respect her, but in all honesty, after spending the day with them I was unsure the true reason for it, other than she was worried he would take off and she "didn't want to chase after him all day".. I partly get it.. You can't enjoy a day with your other child and friends if you're spending it chasing down a 5 year old who just won't listen... But this didn't seem to be an unusual case.. This seemed to me, to be like any other excited child wanting to see and touch everything...

I reigned my kids in early and had to leave places abruptly to teach them that they must stay with me or we go... I also spent a lot of time chasing them down as they are kids and that's what they do.. that's what some of it just is...

But, maybe I'm just lucky... Maybe my kids disposition was just different and by no means would I insinuate that I was better or more diligent at it, so that my kids didn't NEED a harness or leash...

So, what are some thoughts out there? Moms? Any of you harness your children? And if so, why? ​

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    Amanda Hurley
    I don't see a point in it. They are not dogs, they are humans. I don't want to say that every mother who puts their child on a leash is treating them like dogs, but that is how I see it. I am with you. Part of being a parent is chasing around an occasional over excited child.
      We gave up on the harness when Breanika learned how to unclip it what am I supposed to do put it on her backwards,and aside from that she thought it was a game that it meant instead of us chasing her she was leading us anywhere she wanted to go they just don't work. I gave it an honest shot and found that a stroller with shoulder straps is much more effective. Sure you get the occasional dirty look because your 3 year old is throwing a fit but at least your kids not getting stolen by some creep while your bent over getting a carton of eggs out of the refrigerated section at wal-mart.
        Well, that's what I mean.. Mandi, it makes sense for you and another mom I know, whose son has been diagnosed with various focus issues (those are her words not mine)... and I've seen him just after school at pick up and I've also helped look for hime.. He was gone so fast... So, I get it then. Totally. Like Disneyland or even a busy mall...
          8Theresa Gould
          This is another thing my mother passed on to me. We have never understood the leash thing either. I'm with Amanda and always think of a dog on a leash and children are not animals. But understand in Mandi's case or your friend's case, I just chose not to use them on our kids.
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            8Theresa Gould
            It sounds like it worked perfectly for you.
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