Bad when young, Good when Older?

LOL.. Is that a fair answer? I feel like when they're little, their clothing choices is just part of their developing personality... their individuality.. I think up until 1st grade.. maybe 2nd or 3rd... that I see so many kids expressing themselves in different ways... Showing that they prefer a bright colored look or skater vibe... This of course is assuming that it's not a class distinction of money or material things...

However, I DO feel as they get older.. and specifically with girls, that kids can start to get mean and point out things that just don't matter and that not having the "right" clothes or cute clothes like a friend at class may become an issue...

So, I DO think that uniforms are great for that... it takes a possible negative element out of the picture and I like that..

As for when they're in middle school or High School. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm ALL FOR IT... For two reasons... THEN clothes become the first and foremost expression of who you are... Which isn't always bad, but my kids aren't going to have the newest outfits... they will have Target clothes...

I also.. feel that my nieces are in High School and when I go there.. the girl specifically are dressed... well... Like whores.. lol.. lot of them are in short shorts, skirts, belly showing shirts, boobs showing.. etc.. And aside from me just being uncomfortable and wondering WHO let them out like that and feeling old... I feel like you just can't compete at that age.. It's just ingredients for potential low self esteem when kids start to compare themselves to others... and also.. the wrong type of attention..

So, hows that for passive aggressive? lol.. Con for when they're young, PRO for when they're older...​

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    lol! I agree.. to some extent.. perhaps since I don't have a child I don't see as much into letting them decide and express themselves.. Lord knows what I would have chosen at age 6 is not the same style I go to now.. does that make sense? lol I do think when getting older, especially nowadays, girls get out of hand with designer brands, that whole tags issue.. boys and their sneakers.. I think uniforms are a good thing all around.. makes them remember they go to school to LEARN, it doesn't have to be a fashion show.. they have a whole lifetime of that ahead of them :)
      I think uniforms are a great idea like Meg said you go there to learn. And in school its all about groups and all the people in that group dress alike. You know what I mean. The skaters wear skater clothes the preps wear pricey name brand clothes ect. I think it would give kids the chance to get to know each others personality's and not be friends cause they all dress the same.
        When I was in school my friends and I were always kind of the outcasts. We were the kids that would rather have our parents spend money and books and itunes cards than Hollister clothes, we got our clothes at goodwill, walmart, places like that. There were three tables the "cool" boys, the "cool" girls, and us. We didn't have many friends but we liked it that way, however I do agree that things would have been different had people seen us for who we were not what we were wearing. Just to clarify though we weren't geeks, and didn't get very good grades even we were reading books like the Crank series, and Harry Potter.
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          Yeah, I like the idea of school uniforms for a variety of reasons. Like Meg said, school is for learning, modesty, no distinction between incomes, less distractions....I actually went to a school after high school that had a dress code and coming from public school I really didn't mind it at all.
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