Kids say the funniest things

Okay, I know that our kids are the most funny people on earth sometimes, right? I swear the things that come out of their mouths sometimes makes me shake my head.

For instance, it's bedtime. Bub wants a snack before bed and I haven't been grocery shopping in a few days so the choices are limited. He settles on his snack, eats it and then scoots off to bed.

I lean down to give him a hug and kiss and he looks at me sweetly and says "Mom, come closer I want to whisper something to you."

Awwwww. Right?

I lean in feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. He says "Mom, you need to go to the grocery store."

Sigh. So much for platitudes of undying love.

Here's an article I found that made me giggle. It's along the same lines of funny things kids say!…

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