Fitness thread for 05/23/2014

How is the week going ladies? Are you able to keep in line with your goals? Are you making new ones for next week or sticking with your current ones?

My goals were not to snack as much and to be more active. I feel like I've done well with both! Last week was such a bomb on this front but I picked it up and got it back together this week.

I think i will keep the same goals for next week. I'm playing around with eating all healthy during the week and then relaxing that on the weekends. This is usually when I don't do well as I have a hard time saying no to a quick meal of junk when I am tired or in a hurry. I'll give myself until Monday to decide on that one.

So share here about your goals, new goals, trials and tribulations. If you need a boost or want to brag do it! Let's keep each other going! And if you haven't started with us yet, now is as good a time is ever!

    I have been walking every day. But today has not been so good as far as eating right or taking care of myself. I will get back on track though. Everyone needs a day off sometimes :-)
    Ooooo ice cream!!!!
      I wish this rain would go away I wanna go for walks, working out inside is rough.
      Yea, I bought a pair of pants that are a little tight to button so they're hanging up as a reminder to keep going.
        8Theresa Gould
        I've had a work project this week that is even keeping me stationary more than I want to be, as I am itching to do more of the planting outside.

        I want to increase my water intake and get moving, any kind of moving. We went to the park and I held the dog (on a leash) while the children played. i would have shot hoops if we could have found our good basketball but alas it could not be found.
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