Chemistry of Attachment

I thoroughly enjoyed chemistry in high school but did not learn about some of our particular hormones until I was a mom. In this article the author goes through the different hormones involved in bonding with our babies/children. Some of them I have heard of and known about and some are new to me. I found it very interesting to see the behind the scenes look at why I bonded with my children. It's amazing how we are wired, isn't it?

I did not have any bonding issues with my children. We bonded almost immediately but I have heard of others who have not and it took them a while.

What do you think of the chemistry of attachment and did you bond easily with your baby(ies)?…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    I feel like I bonded instantly with my kids. By the time the were even born. Pregnancy I feel like is a huge bonding experience. But even afterwards it was instant.
      informative thanks for it
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