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Are you a people watcher?

I know I am. I have always wanted to be social but my mom was not a social butterfly. She loved factory work, because she didn't have to talk to anyone.

I've come across several women waiting at the OBGYN office that were very unenthusiastic about having children. I was one of those at the beginning with Ember I was stressed and thought I needed to control more than I should. The last time I was at the OBGYNs office was for a checkup after having tubes tied. There was a woman who was 36 weeks along. I said how exciting! She proceeded to ask me my age. I said 24 in July, because I was forgot my age. I am good not to forget my name, I have been known to say my e-mail address. It's the same thing, right? (silent chuckle) anyway she said that she was 31 and asked if I was in for my first. I said no I have three at home. I didn't want to spoil the fun of telling her my tubes were tied. I said that children were too much fun and enjoy every moment of it and walked away. To her I hope she finds joy in the bundle she has probably delivered by now. I am recalling that memory as my two toddlers are in the living room. I was carrying Cameron and not watching where I was going jake picked up the bottle as a game. Only instead of telling him to put it down I kicked my husbands boot the jake had dragged out. I hugged Cameron and began hopping around. Ember got up and held her foot while hopping and singing a song from Phineas and Ferb. I was in pain but couldn't help but laugh. Enjoy the blessings God gives you. Don't let the devil take away those moments.

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