Today was hard

Maddie is still sick, although her fever broke this evening, finally. That makes it just a regular cold or virus, since she doesn't have a rash, I guess. In the late afternoon, she woke from a nap and cried for... I don't know how long. She was inconsolable, wouldn't nurse, wouldn't be held, and her father and I could not figure out what was wrong. I feel like it was an hour of crying that I couldn't fix, and it was hell for me. She finally nursed back to sleep and woke a happy and completely different kid. My nerves for the day are just shot, though. I just want to get past this illness! I hope that was the worst of it.

We had plans to visit my sister-in-law tomorrow, and my husband would really like to visit with his family. I am not sure if we will make it right now. We are taking it one temperature reading at a time.

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