Natural home remedies for cough and cold

There are plenty of things right at home to help remedy cough and cold, luckily...

Drinking a lot of fluids is super helpful... It maintains your temperature, flushes out toxins, keeps your boy functioning in top shape to solve whatever's got you feeling under the weather. Water can be optimal, but hot tea does wonders for a cough especially if you have a sore throat too. Lemon can help if you have a mucousy cough and/or throat. If you want something to numb it, Kava Kava has a numbing property and you can drink it as tea... Not to mention, it'll chill you out and hopefully let you get some rest too.

Honey! Honey can coat your throat and has natural antibacterial properties.

Raw garlic also has great antibacterial properties, so if you can pop a couple pieces in your mouth a time or two a day, that should start clearing you up.

I find boiling a pot of water on the stove, turning off the eye, and covering my head with a towel really helps with cough ad congestion. The steam tends to open my sinuses right up. I suppose you could add some essential oils to this too, but be careful which ones... Trust me from experience, accidentally gettng certain oils like Tea Tree in your eyes hurts like the dickens.

On the topic of essential oils, if you can breathe through your nose, there are lots of oils tht could help a cough or other cold symptoms. A few that readily come to mind are tea tree oil and peppermint. And be careful with oils around cats, especially if you decide to diffuse them... Many of them are toxic to our feline pals.

If you're just looking for natural remedies... You can use zinc, which will work great to shorten the duration, but it leaves a funny taste that alters the taste of food and if you take too much.. Talk about a wicked migraine. Make sure you monitor your intake.

A few my father recently introduced me to are colloidal silver... which I guess can be a home remedy if you've got some silver around and aren't afraid to play with power. But, you can get it online at the health food store or online. There's another... It's a root. Sounds like umchaka root... I don't think that's right though. Anybody know what I'm talking about? It's used generally to shorten cold duration and prevent at the first sign, like Zicam and other zinc products.

And, of course, good 'ol vitamin C.

What helps you ladies and your kids when you have a cough or cold?

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    I use honey. I honestly hate taking cough medicine.
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      Doesn't ginger have some sort of antibacterial properties? I always try to drink some soda when I'm sick, especially if it's sinus related... Seems to (gross) fizz everything away, lol.
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