Mini tried to take her learner's permit test to drive...

She didn't pass. I felt kinda bad for her but she took it in stride. One part they have to identify road signs and you can't even miss one. Well, she missed one. I know she studied and it was the same stupid sign that tripped her up when she was studying. I'll post it at the bottom.

This reminded me, I failed my drivers test TWICE before I passed, lol. Horrible, I know. The first time because I thought the speed limit was 35 and it was only 30 (the heck?) and the second time because the person in the car with me said I didn't make a full stop at the stop signs. Mind you , I did but she said she didn't feel the car JERK. Heh, the third time I took it I made sure to jerk the car. ;)

Did you pass your first time?

Mini tried to take her learner's permit test to drive...
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    HAHA, that is too funny!

    I had to retake the driving test as an adult, I think I had let mine expire too long or something. Anyways, I was so nervous, knowing my track run with driving tests. That lady didn't even look at how fast I was driving or anything, she just chatted away with me the whole time and then gave me my slip when I was done. I got the impression she was just happy to get the heck out of DMV for a little bit, lol.
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