I haven't been in here for the longest!!! Its just getting a little hard to adjust to everything currently... Made it safely to the states... Didn't drive I flew back. I started my new job which has been awesome so far.... Only challenge has been finding a place to live... :( ... But I am trying to keep positive...

Sandra HuertaSan Fernando, California
Sandra Huerta
I was actually stressing about the trip... I was thinking my children didn't want to come back to the states with me... But they actually did great... I am glad I didn't drive because my youngest wasn't able to manage a four drive... So I can only imagine how it would have been in a 34 hour drive.... Yes it does...
    Hi Sandra! Going to read back in a few of your posts because I have no idea where you were... but I'm glad you are home safely!! Keep your chin up, I'm sure you will find a place soon! :)
      Hi Sandra Huerta, I haven't seen you around in awhile. DId you ever find a place to live? Is everything ok?
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