Did your parents allow you to cuss?

My mom was very strict about cursing, even though she used curse words herself. She would give me an astonished look if I said one around her, even when I was a young adult. I think it is funny in retrospect but I do respect her teaching me how to curb my enthusiasm for certain four letter words. It's helped me as an adult I think, while I can curse with the best of them I have no problem curtailing my language during times when I need to.

But who knows if that really helped me, I just like to think it did.

On the flip side, lots of my friends have teens who cuss openly and freely. I have to admit a small part of me can't help but be astonished. I expect a slip up because lord knows they are cursing like sailors when out of earshot. But I guess the way I was raised makes me a bit of a prude, damnit. ;)

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      OHHH NOOO. That was a big no no. Even though I do sometimes now when I am talking to my parents, I know they still don't like it.
        Mine did not allow me to say so much as "crap." I didn't have my mouth washed with soap or anything, but it wasn't appropriate and if I did curse I was punished
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