Are you freaking kidding me? Mom smokes "K2" with her teen child

Okay I know lots of parents try their best but still mess up. I'm certainly not perfect myself, I will be the first to admit. But this just made my head blow up, who in the HELL would smoke synthetic marijuana with their teenage child?

I just... I don't have words for this. I need to go hug my mom for being normal(ish).…

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      Melissa Middleton
      And the worst mother of the year award goes to...

      Some parents should not be parents at all--here is a prime example of one. She obviously doesn't care about the welfare of her child. There are too many parents trying to be "buddy-buddy" with their child and going too far with it, like in this case. We need to be parents first before trying to be their best-friend.
        Totally agree with what Melissa said re: friends vs. parents. I wish all parents realized that they should be parents first... if their kids end up considering them a friend too, well that's a bonus. What's crazy is that chances are even if we are strict now, the kids will probably come around to like us in the long run as they reach adulthood and realize we were only being "mean" to protect them. This mom, who may be a "cool mom" now will probably have no relationship with her child in the future once the child grows up and realizes how irresponsible her mother is/was :(
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