Tattle Tales

Moms of older children help me out!! How do you deal with a tattletale? Lately Mason has gotten AWFUL about it. Every move Audrey makes he is running to tell us to try and get her in trouble. I know he is mostly trying to be helpful, but I don't need to know every single move his sister makes - especially when she isn't actually doing anything wrong. Then again, when she is doing something that will hurt herself or someone else I WANT him to tell someone. I guess I'm just having a hard time finding the right balance and would love some advice!!!

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    I've found making it silly instead of serious worked with my two. Neither one REALLY got into tattle mode, but when they do it now I don't take it too serious. For example, Bub tells me Mini won't give back the computer charger. I look at her and say "Well Bub said I should beat you up and take the charger from you. Hold still." and I pretend to manhandle her, which makes everyone laugh. And then I say "Ok, everyone uses their own charger right now so everyone can use their laptops." and at that point they either agree to share of they get their own chargers.
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