Too soon??

We put our son in a toddler bed at 18 months because he was trying to climb out of his crib. When we did that, he cried A LOT, and we had to put a rail on his bed, and it helped. Now he is crawling out of it all of the time, so we are going to try and take the railing off......

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    My daughter was 13 months and doing the same thing. People gave us a hard time about how she wasn't ready for a toddler bed. We took blankets and pillows and put them on the floor on both sides of the bed. She loved it and only fell out a few times but never got hurt. Sometimes she didn't even wake up lol. And my younger daughter is 18mths and she sleeps in a twin bed (low to the ground) with her older sister now.
      Not too soon but soon enough that it will make your job a bit harder for a while. It's time to teach him how to stay in bed even though he is physically capable of getting out of bed. Make sure to child proof well and limit access to places not possible to child proof because the midnight explorations will likely begin soon. :) FUN TIMES!! ---advice--- keep a camera nearby for when you investigate the sound of an "intruder" only to find little one conducting a science experiment on his little expedition.

      Many years ago I discovered a dozen eggs unbroken but scattered all over my kitchen floor. Another time I awoke to find him sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor with powdered chocolate scattered all over the floor around him.
        Oh and don't panic if you peak in to check on him some night while he is still getting use to his new bed and you can't find him anywhere...peak under the toddler bed and you'll probably find him.
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