Mean Girls

Do you know any real life mean girls that are children? Do you think that parental influence can stop them from behaving that way, or is it more of a personality issue?

Mini comes home all the time from school telling me about some of the "mean girls". They don't bother her so much, but they seem to target fellow classmates and Mini hates it. I don't know if they don't target her because she will stand up for herself or if they just haven't felt the need to yet.

And for laughs, here's a list of quotes from the movie Mean Girls.…

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        there wasn't really any when I was in school mostly because everyone knew each other and their brother and we were all friends but I have seen some in other schools and I think that some of it has to do with the parenting and some of it is on them. They might come from a home where they are used to getting their way or a violent home where they don't get enough love or affection. Some of the insight of the family relationship tends to trigger how a kid or teen react to the outside world. I do think that parents can influence their kids to not bully others but mostly when they do from what I have seen they go about it the wrong way making the situation worse
          Ladies, my now third grader is often called mean by her peers. It hurts her so badly. She is and does in fact stand up for herself only.
          She has gone to 4 elementary schools because she's been bullied. She has a lazy eye which is so much better now, thank goodness. I have to work with her diligently because she can easily become a product of her bullying past. It is difficult for a 9 year old to find balance but I stand behind 95% of what she does. She's so beautiful on the inside and now tormented as well. My heart is broken over bullying.
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