Fill up on nutrients for trying to conceive a baby... healthy food!

Let's go by food group

Many people head toward the brown rice thinking it's healthier, but while you're trying to TTC, bleached enriched products may not be so bad since they have added folic acid. White bread, rice, and pasta are all enriched with vitamins and minerals baby will need.

Here's your power house. Veggies are jam packed with nutrition that will help you and baby both when you conceive, and keep your energy stores high for the trying. Eaing most veggies raw is ieal, but if cooking them up helps you continue eating them, find some new recipes to add a little punch of of flavor while keeping you ontrack for a healthy body to nourish future baby.

Fruits- Besides helping kick cravings for other sugary treats, fruits can be on your side when it comes to conceiving. Avocados, technically a fruit, have wonderful benefits TTC or not. They are full of (good) fat that helps with vitamin absorption and help your brain in a similar way to fish oil. Filling your body up with these good fats are also great for a future baby, since brains are made from these sorts of fats, to the best of my knowledge. Let baby get a kickstart on a good thinking future. While you're on the fruit kick, throw in some purple stuff like blackberries and blueberries. They're full of anthocyanins which can not only help you, your body, and brain (they can even help ward off dementia!) but they're a powerful antioxidant to help your fertility and help prep for baby. While you're at it, throw hubby some citrus to get a big dose of vitamin C; it's super great for sperm!

Proteins- Quinoa, a pseudo-grain used by the Mayans, is comparable in nutrition to mother's milk and just as easy to digest. It has the texture of quinoa sort of, and is actually little seeds. It's delicious, full of protein, (I think) gluten-free, and will help fill your body up with digestable nutrients in preparation for baby. Some people say eating foods like red meat may up your chance of conceiving a boy by altering your vaginal pH slightly. And fish! Liek mentioned before, the good fats in the fish are a great booster and also help to dissolve and store all the vitamins you're taking in!

Dairy- Some people say consuming extra dairy may increase your chances of conceiving a girl. Aside from that though, baby is going to need lots of calcium in the future, and if he or she isn't getting it, it may leech from your teeth and bones... So have some cheese, which has the benefit of protein if you're keeping up with your exercise routine and mixed with B6 aids in serotonin production, it'll give you the extra calcium you need. Bone broth is another great way to get some added calcium while staying hydrated and wrinkle-free too.

What other tips do you ladies have for healthy foods for trying to conceive a baby?

Do you know of any fertility super foods for either your or your partner?

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    Wheat grass juice, kale and anything with folic acid.
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