Neat! The conception rate for boys is higher than girls

The conception rate for boys is higher than that of girls. According to Dorothy at the Chicago Now, boys are conceived at a rate of between 107-170 boys to 100 girls, but more male conceptions end in miscarriage than female... So, it means that once all is balanced out, boys are born only slightly more frequently than girls. Most sites I've read put the number at 51% boys to 49% girls.

The Shettle's Method, if you've been looking into that for trying to conceive one gender or the other, takes this into account so far as I know (and may actually be in some ways based on some of the concepts that go into understanding why boys might be more likely to be conceived than girls.)

From what I've read, the proposed reason this happens is that boys have a higher mortality rate and die younger than women on average, so it's nature's way of balancing everything out.

Usually by age five, according to Dorothy, girls outnumber boys despite there being a higher birth rate due to mortality rates. So, all in all, the number balances around the years of reproduction for males and females.

Aside from the nature's balancing attempt, there are other possibilities for the statistics including socioeconomic factors.

Either way, I find it fascinating, and I'll definitely be doing more research into the topic.

Do you have any theories on why there is a higher rate of male conception to female?

Do you believe the statistics?

If you know any other info, I'd love to know because I'm a nerd and think this is a totally neat, weird little genetic thing. Fill me in, mamas!

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    This is what the article I was referring to said about the socioeconomic factors:
    "In other articles I’ve seen attempts to use socioeconomic criteria to explain the birth ratio differences. Some of the factors considered were: maternal age, paternal age, and birth order. There were some indications that the younger the mother the more likely her first offspring will be male. The researchers have also found a minor correlation between the decreases in male births and the higher paternal age."
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