Cats and Babies

I know about the whole 'don't change the litter box when pregnant' thing for toxoplasmosis.

I've heard the myth about cats being 'soul-stealers​' or something equally ridiculous because the milk smell on baby would often make them cuddle, thus suffocating baby. I've also read that WHOLE thing was a myth, and there is no need to worry about cat and baby except for tail-grabbing and jealousy issues, but certainly nothing fatal.

However, my MIL still suggested we be rid of our cats when I was pregnant. I refused, of course, because our cats are part of our family.

Have you guys ever had problems with pets and your children? If you had cats, did you get rid of them during pregnancy/once the kid was born? Why or why not?

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    I have 2 cats and one while my youngest was a baby. I was a little scared about the old myth cause it sounds realistic. I think it just depends on the cat, we all know cats have their own personalities. My miss kitty still sleeps with my daughters and sometimes right up on their pillows but I've never seen her try to do anything to hurt them. And when my girls were younger they would bit her, drag her by her tail, smack her, carry her around and I swear she would just go limp and would never bit or scratch at them. Our animals are part of our family and I would just play the waiting game. Watch them interact with your baby once its here while its sleeping and I think as a mom you'll know and if it comes to that you'll have no problem getting rid of it just for the simple fact it might hurt your kid.
    Nope, they aren't. I don't know what breed they are, probably some kind of mix, but definitely not hypo-allergenic. (I can tell because of my sneezy neighbor! Lol!)
      We have had a few problems with our cats, actually, where we thought downsizing our litter would be a good idea. But the cat I had actually considered putting up proved to be the best with babies when my year old niece visits. My other cat I've considered is the youngest, but I think when it comes down to it, he'll be too skittish to want to deal with baby, anyway. He likes spending time outdoors unlike to other cats, so I'm not too worried. My cat is the female, and honestly, I think she'll be as protective and motherly over the baby as a dog would, and won't want to leave mine or baby's side! Our kitties are here to stay, and if we have any problems, we will take appropriate measures in keeping them away from the baby for a while. It's a big adjustment for everyone and they will have to learn their role, too. I'll make sure everyone is well-acquainted, lol.
        Amanda Hurley
        We had a cat when Jasmine and Makenzie both were babies. With Jasmine, the cat only came and sniffed her once and left her alone. With Makenzie, the cat would sit next to the bassinet and hiss at anyone other than myself that got too close. I don't see any harm, but I would be careful in the beginning, until you know how the cat will react.
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