Most Helpful Safety Devices for Babyproofing

I added a whole section on my baby registry to babyproofing. Everything from outlet covers to stove knob covers (which I read didn't work, so I took them off) to cabinet locks and anti-pinch door stoppers.

However, seeing as I don't have a toddler running around the ho​use I don't really know what things would slip my mind, things I'd never guess they'd get into.

What baby-proofing methods and objects did you find most useful? Which ended up not used or ineffective?

    A lot of the baby proofing things my girls knew how to do. From the outlet covers to the door knob covers. The best things that's work for us is the trash can that has the button you have to push to open the lid. Believe it or not your kid will play in the trash can. And the baby gates that has a door. They're a little more expensive but worth every penny. Good luck
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      Is that the thing that keeps furniture from toppling over? Like a bookshelf? I thought we were going to have to mount them to the wall because I'd never heard of furniture straps! Hoping that's what they do.
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