Tips for how to tell when I am ovulating

So many answers to the question “how to tell when I am ovulating!”

The first answer is to just know your body and listen closely to your symptoms... but that can be difficult if you don't know the symptoms of ovulation. Of course, they can vary from woman to woman but there are some signs that many ovulating females have that you can check without any special tools or apps or anything.

One thing is noticing what physical symptoms occur in your body with changing hormones... You could experience headaches, get acne, breast tenderness, cravings... All sorts of things. For some women, it's similar to PMS. When my hormones change, I tend to pretty consistently crave dairy, especially cheese. If you look for it, you may notice you experience mild PMS type symptoms when you're ovulating too.

With a little extra effort, you can also track your cervix and your cervical mucus (I know, I said no more cervical mucus posts for a while...) There's some debate about how accurate cervical position as a tracking method either for ovulation or pregnancy is since it can change even throughout the course of the day. A lot of women swear by it though... When you check your cervix, look for the signs abbreviated as SHOW. Soft, high, open, and wet.

A lot of pregnancy and TTC forums describe a “soft” cervix as being like your lips, whereas a firm cervix feels like the tip of your nose. A few cycles of tracking your cervix should help you know the difference as it pertains to your own body. The same goes for open and closed because the opening of the cervix is really very small.

As for high, this might take a bit of time to learn the difference also, but a low cervix will be closer to the opening of your vagina, and a high cervix harder to reach (sometimes even impossible to reach if it's really high.

As for wet... Your cervix is probably always going to be wet and that's normal. However, during ovulation, it will be much wetter and a specific texture for many women. Next acronym... EWCM. Egg white cervical mucus. It's just like how it sounds. Clearish, runny, and stretchy like raw egg whites. This is a great consistency to allow sperm to swim to the egg.

For a little more money, you can use tools for tracking your ovulation.

OPKs, ovulation predictor kits, are a common favorite. You can get them from the dollar store or online in bulk (or a pharmacy, but they're usually more expensive there) and use them just like a pregnancy test around when you think you might be ovulating.

You can also get a special thermometer called a basal body thermometer for measuring your basal body temperature, BBT. You take your temperature with this cost-effective, accurate thermometer in the morning before anything else and chart it. A raise in BBT can indicate ovulation. And, if your temperature stays elevated, you may even have a clue that you conceived before a home pregnancy test, HPT or POAS (pee on a stick) could even tell!

Another lesser known way to track your ovulation is by getting a special lense to spit on (some people use a microscope and slides) to check your saliva for 'ferning' patterns. I've heard it's pretty accurate, but I've never done it.

What other ways can you ladies tell when you're ovulating?

Do you get PMS type symptoms when you ovulate?

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    I didn't even think of the libido spike, great one! I know a lot of women experience this. As for the ferning, when looking super close, it actual makes patterns that look like a fern plant. Here's the wiki

    I'm glad you asked though, because I thought it was done with spit... but apparently "it" is cervical mucus, not spit! My bad. :)
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      when i ovulate i get cramps in my right side might sound strange but everymonth i throw up like ima pregnant is that weird
      I get nauseous and sometimes sick when my hormones change too.. I don't know how frequently this happens, but that's a great tip. Nausea and vomiting can def. be a sign.
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