Prenatal vitamins are safe even when not pregnant

Not only is taking prenatal vitamins when not pregnant safe, it is actually recommended if you're of child bearing age, sexually active, and especially if you're trying to conceive. If you don't take a full prenatal supplement, taking folic acid is highly recommended because baby needs this for neural tube development before most women even realize they're pregnant.

Even if you're not trying to get pregnant, done with having kids, etc... Prenatal vitamins are still that... vitamins! It's like a spiffy multivitamin and is great for your body, hair, and nails. I wouldn't stack them with a normal multivitamin, but if you take prenatals instead, I see no problem with it. I know the prenatals I was using (Rainbow Lite.. Rainbow Brite... Something like that) had more vitamins and minerals than any other women's multivitamin I've seen and they were food-based, which I liked.

Not only that, but I normally take men's multivitamins because they're easy to find with no iron which makes me really sick. I was worried about it with the prenatals, but they said they had a tummy-friendly form of iron and lo and behold I actually kept them down! I imagine having iron is probably good for me, but I wasn't able to take it before that. Speaking of which, do any of you ladies know what causes that? My mom gets sick when she takes Vitamin C (like REALLY sick) whether they are citrus or not, or even if she drinks something high in vitamin C like tang. Makes no sense to me?

I just checked the bottle and they are Rainbow Light Prenatal One's and they are only one a day. I like that they have red raspberry leaf extract, organic spirulina, and ginger in them (I guess to help with nausea?) They also have copper, which I don't think I've seen in normal multivitamins, albeit I've never looked too hard for it. I just remember my father mentioning that the soil our plants are grown in are often depleted of copper so most people don't get enough. Found how to fix that without going to the health food store!

Anyway, yeah... Prenatal vitamins.. totally safe!

What's your favorite prenatal vitamin?

Did you take them before you were pregnant? What about after?

Do you like them more than normal multivitamins or do you find regular multivitamins sufficient for your needs? ('cause really.. we can only take in so much. Like Sheldon told Penny in TBBT, at a certain point you're just making expensive urine.)

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