2.5 year old temper extreme

My son had a tantrum this morning over getting his diaper changed. A small request quickly downward spiralled into kicking, screaming, hitting, and the all favorite " go away right now!" Our reply to that last one is to sit right in front of him and just be until he calms down. Works, sometimes. This morning he decided to continue with his bad behavior so for every yell or hit, I took a book away because he needs to learn consequences. He got more mad and proceed to trash his room by pulling down a small dresser, flipping his ottoman, and trying to tip the glider rocker. Thankfully, he calmed down before succeeding in the last. Anyone else's toddler tantrum this way? How do you handle it?

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    Ugh. My daughter gets like that some times and I don't know what to do either. Seems like there are just no consequences that effect her at some points.
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