Language Development.

Autumn was a talker from birth and It all began in Infancy.

From birth until around 6 months, babies make a great deal of noise. They squeal, squeak, growl, yell, and give us raspberries. And they coo. Cooing is basically the production of what will later become vowels (a, e, i, o, and u).

From 6 months to about 10 months, they produce somewhat more complicated sounds called babbling. First, they practice their vowels more precisely, starting with the round, back vowels (oo, oh, ah...) and working their way to the unrounded front vowels (ee, eh, ay...). The first consonants are h, m, and b, which can be combined with the vowels to make syllables.

Autumn is combining her vowels to make syllables. How about your little one? Any interesting combinations?

Moms Expertise
    My son babbled but never made ooh's and aahh's, I was worried he was going to be a late talker. He just did these deep grunts and growls. I told my girlfriend I was worried about it and she said her autistic son does speech therapy and therapist told her that's actually great because it takes a lot of muscles to make that noise, sure enough by 9 months he was saying mama, dada, hotdog andI'm bubba. My daughter now 28 months babbled, coo'd, made every vowel and letter noise and is still yet to talk. The occasional word here and there but no true talking. I had her evaluated at 14 mo and they said her cognition was coming in at 38 months so it was just stubbornness. Now that she's older I think it's more of a confidence issue so instead of trying to make her "perform" we are starting horseback riding lessons so she can develop her confidence and the words can come on their own
      He's a little chatterbox. He's constantly talking.
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