Best room temperature for baby?

My kids have always been comfortable when the room temperature is around 78. I keep my thermostat around that number, give or take a few degrees. As long as the room isn't too hot or too cold then your baby should be comfortable. If you worry about it then you can add or remove layers of clothing as well.

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    Aly's room has horrible for circulation! It's cold during the winter & hot during the summer & doesn't matter what the thermostat is on. So we have a small heater in there for the winter & use fans during the warmer time. Before she was born we got a thing called a New Egg & it tells you the temperature but also changes colors for when it's too cold, too hot or ideal & has little 'faces' on it. Frown face when it's too cold or too hot & a smile face when it's ideal. It has been very helpful in keeping her room comfortable!
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