A "Crappy" Morning

Nina was fussy all night, and only got to sleep late, in the playpen, watching Shrek. Any attempts to transfer her back to her room resulted in epic tantrums that I, feeling sick, was unwilling to put up with, so Shrek and Playpen it was. Finally everyone was asleep...

And then this morning, I woke up to an unpleasant smell flooding the living room.

Nina had pulled off her diaper at some point and then fallen asleep...and she's a mover in her sleep, so whatever time it was that she pooped, instead of being caught in the diaper like normal, the playpen got pooed in all over, including the blanket and toys in there...so, needless to say, this day started off with a thorough bath and scrubbing lol.

    Oh no, that sound really rough, not looking forward to when Selena can take her diaper off.
      Ah man! That stinks...no pun intended ;-) Hopefully she will have a better day today.
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