The troubles of a SAHM

So, I've been struggling with feeling like an unappreciated maid lately and it's got me thinking... How does everyone else deal with the constant messes, demands and lack of getting to do what we really want to do? I went to the dollar theater with my family last night and spent an hour in the hall with my 2 year old. He sat quietly there but not in the theater. I actually wanted to see this movie. Never an offer of swapping out with my hubby either. Then we come home to our wrecked apartment though I clean it everyday and I have to fight with the kids to get them down for the night. It gets tiring to try so hard and get nowhere. This seriously feels like purgatory. Like I'm working towards something but it seems further away than I can manage. Does anyone else feel like this? Or am I missing something here? I ask for help but never get it and I try to get out for a few by myself but they act like I'm leaving them forever.

    8Theresa Gould
    It is tough to deal with the constant messes Bitty Marvin. I have older children and we are still dealing with it. So often here in our home balancing animals, outside work and house work is a challenge. But I think your children are definitely old enough to start helping out.
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