I am a Mommy from Cincinnati, OH. I have lived here all my life.

I was wondering, are there any Mommas on here that have special needs children? My oldest, Lilly who is 4 years old battles an aggressive seizure disorder, is non verbal, poor coordination, low muscle tone, severe tummy troubles, suffers violent mood swings and is globally delayed. Lilly has been through so much in her short life so far. There are days that I don't know how I wills survive the day. i live in constant fear that one of her gran mal seizures are going to take her from me. We are working on getting her a service dog, it is a long process but would put my heart and mind at ease.

Anyways, any special needs Mommas out there?

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    Hi Debi! Thank you for your kind words :)

    To get a service dog first I have to fill out an application giving all of her medical history and official diagnosis along with a letter of recommendation from her neurologist and a prescription for the service dog. Then, we pray that a charitable organization will help us secure a dog through one of their certified trainers. To train a service dog the costs can range from $25,00 to $40,000. There will be months of training then the dog would be placed with Lilly to see if it is a good fit. Then we would continue working with the dog to make sure that he/she keeps working hard. We are hoping to find a mobility and seizure service dog.
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      Aw.. hello hello and welcome Tiffany.. we love having you here. Thanks so much for sharing your story about Lilly.. I do not have a special needs child.. but I know some Moms on here, if they see this, can help relate to you.. we are all always here for you, day and night.. even if you are feeling like you cannot make it through a day.. come here.. we will always support you!
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