An Apology To Stay At Home Moms

I don't know if it's maybe that I can relate, being a SAHM myself.... or if it's just because a man is apologizing. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

What do you think? Does his timeline sound familiar?

    Britt D-Z
    I think my fiance needs to read this. Especially with it coming from a man and not another woman like myself. :)
      I went through a rough patch there where I really did think I was doing more than I was. I didn't realize it until one evening I was sitting here on Facebook and saw him walk by with his own laundry. *gasp, the horror, right? lol*. But I'm very traditional in the sense that if he's working out there all day, indoor stuff is my duty (except for drains *grin*)

      That was also the evening that I begged to go to dinner because I was just too beat. He totally understood and never mentioned anything, but it bugged me. Since then I'm on top of it all :)
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