Projecting fear on your children?

As someone who grew up with a mom that was afraid of EVERYTHING, I catch myself sometimes being kind of ridiculous. The good thing is that I acknowledge it and am working to be a very strong force in Charlie's life. I think some fear is normal and healthy, though.

Do you worry about projecting certain fears onto your children? I know for me, my mom was terrified of the water, she hated to swim and wouldn't even try it. So us three kids had to figure it out for ourselves. She was so paralyzed by it that she wouldn't take us for lessons so we relied on our friends and swimming during PE to help us out. At 34 years old, I can make sure I don't drown, but that's about it. I love being in the water and am one heck of a doggy paddler :)

Do you think it's possible to project fears? And what do you do to make sure it doesn't happen?

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