What is your "thing" with your kids?

I've found that every mom has a "thing".. Whether it's anti-bacterial spray or never letting your kids use a public restroom or watch TV... Etc...

When I was little, I was never allowed to use a drinking fountain, my mom told me I would get "trench mouth" .. I still am not sure what that is but it's sounds awful and now I won't let my kids use a drinking fountain... well, they have but I tell them the same thing... LOL..

BUT.. My THING is two apples a day.. Each... For some reason it's in my head that they are healthy and well because I've always had this thing in my head that apples are a cure all and germ fighter.. Maybe the apple a day keeps the doctor away thing has stuck...

However.. every day after school they have an apple.. Then after bath and before bed, they have another apple... They know this, they don't fight it.. they expect it and know that they must eat them or they will not have anything else.. So, now they just do it.. I imagine they will HATE apples one day... But now.. my 6 year old daughter will walk in from school and ask for a snack and then say .. "after my apple?"..

I don't know why I'm stuck on it.. But I feel like somehow it erases and bad crap they ate or will eat? I dunno...

They ARE uber healthy though (knock on wood)... They have few colds and I SWEAR it's the apple.

Anyone else got something like that?​

    I absolutely will not and I mean NOT use dollar general brand diapers. I feel like they're just made so cheaply that somehow that's what causes horrible scar leaving diaper rashes in babies. I never have used them and probably never will. I think its because Breanikas mom used to use them when she had Breanika and she always came home with these red marks on her legs almost as if she had the diaper so tight it was burning marks in her legs, or maybe it was just what the diapers are made from I don't know, but I'm not willing to risk it.
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