I just had Lil TJ II 4 months ago and my husband is ready to have another baby. Well to get this over with I agreed. I'm ready but not in a rush.​

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      Rhonda Green
      Hi.You will be blessed.God will give you the strength. We are here for you..
        My husband and 3&4 year old daughters have been trying to talk me into having a baby. Really. No I'm good and think my husbands F****** crazy. And believe me I told him. LOL. You see a newborn baby at the store and stop and think about all the great memories cause they're always the first to pop in your head but if you think hard enough you'll start to remember being pooped on in walmart or not sleeping for weeks at a time.
        thats so true lol
          Amanda Hurley
          Makenzie was 3 months old when I found out I was pregnant with Grahm. Grahm was 6 months old when I found I was pregnant with this one. Just be careful. I am finding that with the babies so close together, my body has not been very forgiving. The two little ones get along great, but I don't know how they will react when this one is born.
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