My Birth Story.

So, I was thinking about sharing my story, here it is!!!
I was due on September 8th of 2013. I made it the full 40 weeks and he was so big in my tummy, that I decided to induce before he got any bigger. I wanted to avoid a c section at all costs!! I was scheduled to go to the hospital at 7am on the 8th, but we received a call that more women than anticipated had gone into labor and obviously they took priority over me lol. We got called to go in about 1pm that day and I was all hooked up and on pitocin at 3pm!! I wasn't feeling anything at all for a while and eventually just light contractions. They gave me the epidural around 11pm just in case my contractions decided to come hard and heavy suddenly (the anesthesiologist was an hour away.) So, I got that in and I slept most the night haha. In the morning, about 8am, I was still only 4 cm. Around 11 I was still only 4-4.5 cm and they decided to use gravity and sit me upright. BOOM! I was 10cm within the hour and started pushing at noon haha. Lucas was cozy and didn't feel like coming out too fast and I had to push for two hours. David and I had to play tug of war for me to push harder and in the end they used a suction device on Lucas's head to get him out. They said if it popped off his head twice then they would have to do a c section. It popped off once. I was so scared about a c section when they put it back on his head, the next push/suck he was out! He was relatively calm the entire birthing process, my little tough guy! The cord was wrapped around his neck, so he did come out a little blue, but once they removed it and he started crying, he was just fine. David even cried. :')

My Lucas Holden Noe was born on September 9th, 2013 at 2:03 pm. :D

    Im 28 weeks pregnant with my second now but my first came completely by surprise at 34 weeks. I was young when I had her, 21, and didn't really know what I was doing but she did come by surprise. I had just been to a dr's appt a couple days before and everything was fine. I went to work as normal, everything was fine, then I was home later that evening watching tv or playing online and all of a sudden around 9pm for no reason my water broke. No contractions or anything, just my water broke. I was alone so I repeatedly tried calling my mother, the phone was busy, she obviously didn't have call waiting , lol. So after trying to call her for about an hour, as still no contractions or anything were occurring, I finally decided to just drive over there. At this point I had aleady forgotten the bag I had packed for the hospital, I get to her house and she's like hunny your water broke did you call your doctor, of course I hadn't even thought to do this lol. So I called and they told me to head to the hospital and they would send the dr on call out there. By the time we got to the hospital about 3 hours or so had gone by and still no contractions at all, I ended up sleeping the night, called my work in the morning to let them know I was having my baby and would be taking my maternity leave, luckily I had just filled out my disability papers the week before. Since my water had already broke and labor was not progressing at all, I was induced at about 8am that morning, once I was induced in only took about 4 hours for me to get to 10cm, I received my epidural as I requested, I ended up having to push for about an hour or so. I had my daughter on June 20th 2003 at 1:41. She weighed 4lb 10oz, she was early but she was perfectly healthy and came home right with me two days later. She's going to be 11 soon but I remember that 17hrs like it was yesterday :)
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      Thank you for sharing your story Cassie. Truly amazing! :)
        So cute i remember all
        Three of mine. But here is vincents.
        We had a a sceduled induction set for september 9 but if other women went into labor we would have to wait a day or 2 unless labor would go on its own.
        The day before i went grocery shopping, finished packing logans bag to go by my father in law. We ate dinner and toon logan to my father in laws house.
        We had to be there at 6am. My mom came at 5:30am so she could take haiden to school. We left and they got everything ready including baby stuff as i deliver so fast. They induced at 7am instead of 6:30am. I had vincent at 9:35am. On his way out he came heads down face up, and in the canal and as his head was emerging he did a 180 and damaged his neck.
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