Reasons for trying to conceive a girl

Even though my husband and I aren't actively trying to conceive a girl, I can certainly see reasons to do so.

For one, girls. on average, seem to be less destructive than boys... I could see it saving me a lot of headaches when they're young because my husband was a sneaky lil daredevil.

I try not to play too hard into typical gender stereotypes, but if I had a “girly girl” DIY home spa stuff and tea parties might be actually kinda fun. I would love to see hubby at a table full of stuffed animals with a teapot and some fairy wings.

I have an author friend who writes really gruesome horror, but has a little daughter... It's so funny having read some of the stuff he's written and see him with a fairy wand or pink faicepaint, lol. I think it would be the same with baby. Big mean Marine guy getting all heart-melt over his lil girl.. It hink it would be an adorable sight.

I think having a girl would expand my horizons more than having a boy... Albeit, yes, I am a girl... I generally relate to male culture a little better and am kind of a tomboy. Though any future daughter I have might take after me, they could totally end up being a girly girl too and then I'd have to expand my mind and kinds of activities to incorporate that and sort of 'see the other side' I guess. I don't want to morph my children as far as interests go into what I think they 'should' be or what I want them to be.. I want them to be their own person. Not sure how to strike that balance, but hopefully I'll figure out more as I go in the future.

On a fun note, eating lots of dairy and acidic foods may make you more likely to conceive a girl baby.

Why do you want to conceive a girl?

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