morning workout or evening

Do you do your workout exercise in the morning or in the evening ?I do mine early morning everyday ,I have recently added lots of weight ,its diet time I must loose weight .what do you eat when on diet

    Good me too morning hours ,then again I do sit-ups in the evening around 6 before meals.
      I eat very small quantity of food ,no sugar little salt .I wake up at 5am in the morning to jump rope then 6am there is workout session on TV .In the morning I take tea without sugar
      With 2slices of brown bread,lunch spoon of salad and veges ,I eat dinner early at 6just spoon of Noddles no sweets no sodas just a cup of green tea ,I do sit ups shower then sleep .Its very difficult but I really try not to eat but lots of exercise I do. It might be of help .their is also Yoga sessions on TV I am sure they can help mostly morning but you can't relay on them you must add yours as well.
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