How to make sushi the easy way

Ah, sushi, one of my favorites! There's no need to pay restaurant prices because you can totally make it at home! It's a lot easier than a lot of people would have you believe. You don't even have to have one of those fancy little kits things with the bamboo roller, a rice steamer, none of that! I've made sushi quite a bit and have never used those things.

Keep in mind, you don't have to use raw fish in your sushi if you don't want to. There are plenty of sushi rolls you can make without it. But, if you DO use raw fish, make sure to get sushi-grade fish and handle it with serious proper care.

For the sake of this article, I wont go into sashimi or other raw fish dishes, but just the basics of making sushi.

There are three main ingredients you should probably have, the rest you can just wing it according to your tastes.

You will need nori- the little seaweed squares that sushi is wrapped up in, sticky rice- not just any 'ol rice but specifically sticky rice aka short grain rice, glutinous rice, etc. You'll know when you cook it if you got the wrong one because they weren't kidding when they called it sticky rice, lol. And, lastly, rice vinegar. That's what gives the rice that 'sushi' taste.

Things I like to roll up in sushi so I don't have to worry about raw fish are:
Imitation crab, cooked, shredded, and mixed with may and a lot of Sriracha chile sauce.
Canned tuna with mayo and lots of Sriracha (spicy tuna is one of my favorites in restaurants)
Avocado, cucumber, sometimes a bit of carrot... I like to make California rolls... you can use cream cheese or chunks of the crab too.

Those are my go-to's

Anyway. Forget the rice steamer. Make your sticky rice in the microwave! I do 2 parts water to 1 part rice in a glass bowl with a lid... Microwave 5-7 minutes then let stand about 10 for 'soaking' then microwave again 'til tender. There are more specific methods online for this, but I normally just wing it.

When it's done, open up the lid and add some rice vinegar and stir it all up. You can add rice seasoning too, if you want it, but I like it with just the vinegar usually.

Lay out some wax paper... it's not necessary, but it can help. And, get a little 'finger bowl' of warm water. Sit it beside the rice and the paper on a clear surface. Grab your nori.

Sit the nori on the wax paper with the dotted lines running horizontal, just do one at a time. You CAN use a spoon, but I highly suggest dipping your fingers in the warm water and then scooping out some of the sticky rice... put it on top of the nori and spread it out into a thin, even layer. You may want to dip your fingers a few times during this process to make sure it doesn't stick to you so much and you don't rip the nori. A thin layer is all that's needed. Leave the edges free.

Now, add whatever filling you want toward the edge of the nori, Now, roll it up! You can use the wax paper like a sushi roller or just use your hands. Make sure you sort of 'stretch' the nori as you go like the tortilla of a burrito... Not too much, but if the rice is warm it'll soften it up. When you get to the end, coat the edge of the nori with water from the bowl and seal like you would an envelope.

Cut it into even pieces and serve with wasabi, soy sauce, ginger, and Sriracha! I also like to sprinkle sesame seeds on mine too.

May not be gourmet chef levels of pretty or quite authentic, but I can tell you it's yummy, lol!

How do YOU make sushi?

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