How to use white (or pink!) noise to soothe colic

Ah, white noise... It seems to be a love it or hate it sound for most people. If it doesn't drive you batty, it can be very beneficial for you and for baby! You can even use white noise to help soothe colic.

You can get white noise generators that make the same sound basically as an old tv set to a channel you didn't have... that constant, random, whirring static sound. Other forms of white noise in the more general sense though include dryers, whose movement paired with the sound can also help lull baby to sleep. The same goes for fans, though be careful with small tabletop & box fans around baby. And, surprisingly to me, you can sometimes even use the sound of the vaccuum to help a colicky baby fall asleep.

You can also stream several hours of white noise from YouTube for free, if you don't want to buy a generator. Or a radio, lol.

Luckily, white noise is good for you too! It can help you get into a nice, deep sleep or help you achieve a peaceful meditation. If you have tinnitus (ringing in your ears) from crying baby or otherwise, white noise can really help too. And, my favorite use, it can be super great for productivity.

Music can sometimes be distracting, especially if it has lyrics. Or, if you're like me, you're checking Pandora or Grooveshark every five minutes to see what song is playing. When you're in one of those loops or if the house or office is noisy and distracting... throw on some headphones with some white noise! It'll drown out the other sounds in the room some and keep your ears busy while fading in the background and giving you better focus.

There are also other 'colors' of noise like pink noise and brown noise, two of my favorites. You can check out a pink noise to help baby crying video below. Kinda sounds like ocean waves to me, or rain storm. It sounds more like water than the harsher white noise.

Brown noise is also supppppperrrr relaxing, sounds more like wind, I think.

Try it out mamas with colicky babies and let me know if it actually works for colic!

Do you use white noise to help soothe a baby with colic?

Do you use it to help you focus?

What other ways can you soothe a colicky baby?

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