Period pains? (TMI)

I'm a little concerned when I think of pains that deal with periods I think cramping that's all my body has ever done at this time. Well I started a couple days early and all was fine till last night I began having pains not cramps like grabbing my lower abdomen taking deep breaths kinda pain, (the pain is just in the middle of my lower abdomen) I thought maybe it's the tampon, I remove it and I've still had this random pain hit granted it's more painful with a tampon in but this has never happened to me before, I told my husband if the pain lasted longer than it does now I will be goin to the ER! Anyone experience this before!? Just curious what "could"be the issue.

Nikki Hicks
    Nikki Hicks
    I actually wondered about that, with my 2nd child we were ttc for 8 months and when we finally got pregnant the doc explained that according to the date I conceived I was on my period, so I guess it's a possiablity id rather that be the case then something else! Lol
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