Worse.. before Better :)

Ah yiyi Mamas.. I am in the 7th month mark.. just moving along.. but goodness, do I get achy and uncomfortable rather quickly.. mainly and oddly enough when sitting down. I realize I will get bigger, more uncomfortable and what not before it gets better.. but any advice in the meantime? :)​

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      Sadly to say I was miserable the last couple months of my pregnancies. I hurt everywhere all the time and nothing would help. My husband tells stories about me crying for hours then getting mad, that I just don't simply remember like that lol. But I would try warm baths and I had to set on towels cause the tub was to hard and pillows lots of pillows. I've seen these new pillows that are as long as your body and shaped perfect to cuddle and go between your legs. You should look into those :)
        aww yeah I had issues with that as well. Some stretches/pilates/yoga helped a bit along with some naps.
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