Why is sooo hard to get a job?? Any advice??

Me and my babe are both 17, Jeremy will turn 18 in February and I in March! Any advice on places that would give you a job being in​ position we are in now having a baby and what not? It would be greatly appreciated if i can get your guys's opinion or advice on what we could do! Also just a reminder that I am residing in Tucson, Arizona! :) Thank you all !

    Well.. I hate to say it.. but nowadays.. 40 year olds are probably competing for the same jobs you are.. Remember, you are very young, do you have any other job experience? If not.. then it's going to be tough. You need to market your skill sets, whatever those may be.. to the best of your ability. Also, sadly, being pregnant doesn't really spike employers interests.. because they know you will need time off. I would try to look at it all in very REAL terms.. meet some financial goal you want to hit by finding a job of interest that will do that.. tweak your resume and take the hunt really seriously.. that baby needs parents with something solid :)
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      i never actually had a job but i clean peoples houses for money and would babysit.
        Finding a job these days is hard, even for the most educated of people. They say finding a job is a job in its self. My advice would be to be persistent in your search, don't give up. Right now with the holidays you should try retail stores since many of them are looking for seasonal workers that could open an opportunity for full time later on. Create a resume with your previous work experience if you have any, and just call call call and go fill out an application any where you can. It is tough out there but if you keep at it you should find something. Websites like Monster.com and Indeed.com are also good resources for open positions.
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          Have you tried fast food places?? They have a high turnover rate and are usually looking for younger people. Its not the best in the world, but it is a job.
            If you are in the market for baby sitting there is a great website out the called care.com and sittercity.com. I like sittercity... you can sign up for free and market yourself as a baby sitter. People on the site search for sitters in their area with qualities that they want and can even do a background search on the person. It works really well... i have used it in the past to find sitting jobs!

            Babysitting might be a good option for you if you want to stay home with your little one!
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