Eco-Friendly Stain Fighters

I'm always looking for ways to keep my cleaning cabinet as eco-friendly as possible. Of course for the planet, but also for the fact that I have a baby in the house and don't like the idea of chemicals being around him.

This is a great article with a ton of tips and tricks for some common messes and how to take care of them the eco-friendly way. Mostly every stain or oopsie can be handled with only a few inexpensive items that most of us already have in our homes.

It's not on the list but my most favorite cleaner is made by dropping citrus peels in a jar, filling the jar with plain white vinegar, letting the jar sit for 2 weeks then strain and move to a spray bottle. It works so good, on everything!

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    This was my question too!
      8Theresa Gould
      I use to boil orange peels in college and sit them in my room because I loved the smell. I never cleaned with it though!
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