Cute things the hubs say.

So the car ride home on top of everything else my transmission started to slip. I melted for the first time in a long...long time I​ broke down tears rolling everything. My husband looks at me and says "Honey I know its really hard right now, and I completely understand this is a lot for anyone to handle, but it will get better." something along those lines anyways.. Okay so here is the direct quote and tear jerker part. then as were driving along we come to the turn on Service Center Road where the jail is and he again looks at me and says "Your the most amazing wife ever, and I'm lucky to have you I love you." He also said that tomorrow we would figure out what our best option is for the living situation until the landlord gets the new house ready.

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
    I'm a lucky women my husband is always telling me how much he loves me or how great I am. A million times a day and I'm not complaining. He is completely care free, for example if I don't feel like cleaning " then honey don't clean" He's always worried about the kids and mine well being before anything else. I'm very lucky and he's a great husband and daddy :) Love you baby
      Aww, what a sweetheart you have there. Really puts into perspective the most important things in life, huh?
        8Theresa Gould
        Glad he was there to say those words when you needed to hear them.
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