Your kids, how do they get along?

It's so interesting to me how sibling dynamics work. My brother and I would get on each other's nerves so bad, but God forbid anyone else mess with us. We wouldn't have allowed that at all.

My kids get along really well. yes, they irritate each other but overall they have a lot of the same interests and their personalities match well.

I have a few friends whose kids fight like cats and dogs though! There's nothing to it other than they seem to have very different personalities that tend to clash.

How about your kiddos?

    Just one for now. My brothers and I get along very well, even with our eight and ten-year age difference. My niece and nephew on my husband's side, however, do not get along at all, and they are four years apart. I don't know how that happens!
      8Theresa Gould
      It all depends on the children! We have some that get along really well all the time. Others clash daily, then others have their times. Right now they are all getting along and playing with homemade play dough. Tiredness etc. all becomes a factor too.
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