Isn't age 11 old enough to be crossing the street alone?

Funny I came across this old article from 2013 because last night we went out for ice cream cones at a dairy "shack" and I wouldn't let my 12 year old cross the road to catch up with his dad until I said it was ok. It was just busy and I knew other people were not watching out for my son, I had to be watching out for him and at dusk when the visibility is waning I wasn't taking a chance on a car hitting him as he ran across the street.

The article discusses this very thing and makes some good points about the differences in neighborhoods, drivers etc. We live in a rural area and our mailbox is across the road. Only our children 10 and up are allowed to get the mail and even then I find myself reminding them to look both ways and to watch out for cars. Down the street a family lost a 7 year old boy before we moved in. The boy had be crossing the street to the mailbox on his bike. :( They go so fast down our road and we are right on a corner people take fast too.

So is 11 old enough for your child to be crossing the street?…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Depending with the environment your brought up in.I never learn to cross the road alone till now I am scared .I am from the village. Lol!
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