How to secretly put my kid on a diet sort of?

My daughter is 8 years old and seems twice the size of most girls her age. She is about 70 pound...maybe even more. Not super tall. While the rest of her peers are twiggy, she is not. I am concerned for her weight and I am not sure why she is bigger. We don't eat bread in my house, soda, cookies... Dinner is salads or broccoli and meat,stirfry etc. Snacks are goldfish, crackers, pretzel, tons of fruit (she eats a lot of fruit) we eat Brown rice and sweet potatoes twice per week. She does eat school lunch. My daughter does prefer sweet snacks such as yogurt and fruit. Her typical day would be Greek yogurt, pkg goldfish, juice box, school lunch, fruit, broccoli and meat, juice box, fruit, thoughts are maybe the fruit juice -she drinks about 2 boxes per day

    She is only 8. I knew a lot of kids who were kinda chunky until middle school or high school and then they got pretty tall and they evened out. If her doctor thinks she'll have a growth spurt in the next few years, I wouldn't worry about it. I know my daughter is shorter than most girls her age but still weighs the same. She looks pretty chunky at first but I have to remind myself that she is still young and her body still needs time to even out. So don't worry about it too much right now. If she can still keep up with the other kids and isn't struggling physically, I wouldn't think too much about it. You can be bigger and still be physically fit and healthy as an ox lol.
      thank you all!! So encouraging! I never say anything to her about her weight to her...but our last doctor's visit they said she is in the 85th percentile for weight but only 65th for height. I spoke to the pediatrician about it and she just said to watch out for junk food which I don't even really do in my house. Tonight I was watching my daughter and saw her take another juice box out of the fridge. I think she's had like 4 today that I know of. I think I am going to stop buying it altogether and see how that goes before cutting out her goldfish or other cracker-y snacks
        Mary - good for you for observing closely what your daughter eats and thinking about how to help her. I will be blunt - when I look at what you have listed, which excludes the school lunch she gets - she is having a tremendous amount of sugar per day. Fruit juices have almost no nutritional value and are like liquid sugar (as Debi noted above), some yogurts can have as many as 20 grams of sugar along (almost as much as a half bottle of Coke!), a package of goldfish (does she eat a whole package?) likewise isn't super healthy and has a fair bit of fat and sugar, and then she's also eating lots of fruit. While fruit does have nutritional benefits, you are just adding more sugar to the diet. With what you've listed, she is ingesting many times the recommended amount of sugar per day. You also didn't mention what she eats for breakfast - if it is a super carby and sugary breakfast, well, you can see where I am going with this...I think it is a problem b/c many of the foods we feed our children that seem like they should be healthy (like fruit juice and yogurt) actually are not. I would start making small changes for the family - no more juices for anyone, plain yogurt with fruit sliced into it, etc. She will complain in the beginning but will get used to it, especially once she sees that all around her are doing the same thing. Good luck!
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